Basics, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Python

Introduction to the Perceptron Algorithm

Perceptron Algorithm The Perceptron model forms the basis of any neural network. This is where it all began and finally led to the development of “Neural Networks” or “Deep Learning” which is kind of the buzz word nowadays. In this article, I am going to show the mathematics behind the well-known Perceptron algorithm using a 2-input 2-output model. Although some amount of linear algebra…

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Data Envelopment Analysis, Optimization, R

Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis in R

Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis Data Envelopment Analysis is a Performance Measurement technique which is used for comparing the performances of similar units of an organization. The units for which we are doing the performance analysis are called Decision Making Units (DMU). For example, we can compare all the McDonald’s outlets operating in the Delhi NCR Region to find out…

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Basics, Optimization, R

Solving a Linear Optimization problem using R

Introduction to Linear Optimization Optimization is a technique for finding out the best possible solution for a given problem for all the possible solutions. Optimization uses a rigorous mathematical model to find out the most efficient solution to the given problem. To start with an optimization problem, it is important to first identify an objective. An objective is a quantitative measure…

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Basics, Linear Regression, Regression

Linear Regression in R and its interpretation

Linear Regression Linear regression modeling is one of the most frequently used supervised learning technique. It is useful when the dependent variable is continuous (ratio or interval scale) and there exists a linear relationship between the dependent and independent variables. This post is a quick guide to perform linear regression in R and how to interpret the model results. In the…

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Open Datasets (public datasets)

Public dataset links This post is to list out the available public datasets online that can be of great help while trying to learn/implement new concepts in analytics. Websites Kaggle Datasets: Kaggle is a great site for downloading and analyzing open data. kdnuggets: KDnuggets maintains a collection of datasets with descriptions on Socrata has open source data for various…

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Deep Learning

Word Embedding in Deep Learning

Deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) have been dominating the pattern recognition in the last few years. To add to the complexity, voice recognition has also joined the race. This post is an attempt to explain one of the most exciting topics in deep learning, word embedding. Word Embedding In layman terms, word embedding is a technique used in…

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