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Basics, Supervised Learning

All you need to know about Decision Tree (Part-1)

Introduction As the title suggests, I’ll try to put necessary information on decision tree under this article. However, providing all the required information in one post will be difficult and makes you lost. So, I’ve made this article into three parts. Part 1 (this post) : we shall discuss introduction and definitions Part 2 :  Advanced topics related to decision…

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Basics, Fun with Statistics, Unsupervised Learning

Mathematics of Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Understanding Principal Component Analysis In this part of the article, I will try to explain the mathematics and intuition behind Principal Component Analysis and in the next part, I will show how to implement Principal Component Analysis (PCA) using Python. PCA is an unsupervised machine learning technique which creates a low dimensional representation of a dataset. PCA is used to…

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